Chief Financial & Operations Officer (CFOO)

Job description

Hardt is well on the way to realizing a world where distance doesn´t matter, where opportunities are open to everyone: by creating hyperloop networks and developing the international standard for the hyperloop technology, in close cooperation with industry leaders, governments, and institutes.

Hardt is a dynamic organization, in the phase of scaling fast in a complex international environment. We are currently looking for an experienced CFOO who understands the dynamics of scale-ups and who can take the lead in bringing the company to the next level.

At the stage that we are as a company, you will play a key role in leading and aligning critical operational and financial activities as part of the overall strategy and drive effective execution. You will be part of the Management Board that consists of the four founders.


In the role of CFOO, you are part of the Management Board and you will play a major role in fine-tuning the company’s strategy and managing the financials and execution of processes & policies. To do well in this role, you should have a proven track record of achieving great business results and strong leadership skills. You will lead the execution of the strategies developed by the company, and ensure that everyone can do their work purposefully, efficiently, with access to the required resources.

You will be relied on as a source for information, insights, and guidance, but you will also challenge and be the ‘devil’s advocate’. In addition, you should understand the dynamics of scale-ups and be able to identify and pull key financial and operational levers when needed.


  • Ensure that all parts of the finance & operations functions such as FP&A, accounting, tax, legal, risk, corporate governance, compliance, HR, ICT, security, and office management are performed excellently
  • Manage the company’s business operations. Identify possible mismatches between company strategy and operations and adjust the plans accordingly
  • Functional management of the business- and product development managers
  • Establish policies that improve operations
  • Manage the establishment of organizational structure including accountabilities, roles, meeting structures, and reporting lines
  • Support the Management Board members and department leads with efficient management and execution tips.
  • Translate strategy into the financial structuring and planning, supported by the Senior Business Controller
  • Manage all legal matters
  • Ensure that the company’s finance & IT systems are performing excellently
  • Your direct reports include Hardt’s Senior Business Controller, Head of HR, and Office Manager (Operations team)
  • Manage, coach, and hire the Operations Team
  • Together with the Head of HR, you will be responsible for creating the most attractive workplace in Europe and a high-performance team and culture

Job requirements


  • An experienced senior with many years of experience (15+ years) in a senior management position(s), with at least 5+ years' experience at C-level 
  • You understand new issues quickly and recommend wise decisions. You inspire and create confidence in your internal and external stakeholders, and you can work very well in a high-pressure management role
  • You are an excellent communicator and able to connect & inspire people, lead them in the same direction. You have an eye for the human aspect of performance
  • You are energetic, precise, structured, and a people person
  • You can elegantly communicate with share- & stakeholders, get the story behind numbers across, and explain scenarios & risks in simple language
  • You have achieved great business results, and have structured high-performance teams to achieve great business results 
  • You have demonstrated expertise in (financial) project planning & management in (research) infrastructure, R&D, transportation, real estate development, and/or public-private partnerships
  • You have a strong strategic and analytical mindset, and the ability to conduct an initial rapid diagnostic into the cost base, major operational issues, market position, and options for restructuring
  • You are a big picture thinker, you think beyond the pressing issues of the day, and beyond your sphere of responsibilities  
  • You are result-oriented and have a hands-on mentality
  • You appreciate the value of stakeholder and partnership focus on building a long-term business
  • You have the ambition and willingness to learn
  • You can set-up secure information & communication flows throughout the company and support all departments in their deliverables
  • You have an understanding of financial modeling, financing options for growth companies, capital structure, and deal flow mechanics


We are a strong team of highly driven and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. People who get stuff done, people who can create, who have a passion for challenges and love to explore. Hardt seeks achievers; leaders and visionaries who want to join our team and make Hardt Hyperloop a global success story.


Hardt is a young & dynamic technology company that specializes in hyperloop. We believe it is our duty to improve the lives of current and future generations by creating technologies that challenge time and distance and remove physical boundaries. We envision a world where you can go and be with everyone and everything you care about. A world where distance does not matter.

Hyperloop is the new mode of transportation for large volumes of passengers and cargo. The hyperloop network connects cities, countries, and even continents in short periods of time. Tubes with a low-pressure environment offer ideal conditions for low-energy travel and protect the vehicles from external influences. Just like a highway, vehicles join and exit the high-speed network at any point along the route and are seamlessly connected with other modalities. Direct trips are made possible without transfers or intermediate stops.

Hardt realized EU’s first full-scale hyperloop test facility. In this facility, every essential hyperloop technology is proven. Furthermore, Hardt performed funded studies in the EU which set the stage for operational hyperloop routes that become part of a continental network. Additionally, Hardt initiated the set-up of the EU hyperloop standard, and all European countries voted in favor of setting the EU hyperloop standard with Dutch leadership.

Hardt has been founded by the winners in Elon Musk’s first hyperloop competition and has grown from 4 FTE to a team of almost 40 bright people in just 4 years. Hardt has hired a senior leadership team that brings decades of experience in International Business Development, Engineering, Project Management, Fundraising, Standardization, Marketing & Communications, and Project Finance.

At Hardt, we continuously strive for the best. The team is result-driven, with a sense of urgency and persistence. A culture of openness, enthusiasm, and collaboration is fostered since the hyperloop cannot be realized just by us alone. There are tough challenges along the way, but we are creative to always find a solution. Everyone in the team is highly passionate and dedicated, realizing the hyperloop day by day.

The first commercial application of the hyperloop envisioned by Hardt is for cargo. This is done with Hardt’s Cargoloop: a low-cost application of hyperloop technologies dedicated to cargo. As a next step, the Cargoloop technologies will be proven in the European Hyperloop Center (EHC), which is hosted in the Dutch Province of Groningen. After proving this in the EHC, the Cargoloop is implemented commercially. The first anticipated route for the Cargoloop currently under development is a connection in the Netherlands transporting flowers, fruits, vegetables, and international mail.