Technical Writer & Researcher

Job description


One of the most common question from any stakeholder is to provide documentation on the hyperloop, whether it’s a high-level description of the system to detailed descriptions of how subsystems work or why they are the way they are. The Technical Writer ensures that all documentation is always available to the highest quality. They join the design sessions and interview experts to get to the core of the matter and describe these in language that is understandable to the audience at hand.


As Technical Writer & Researcher you will be responsible for all documentation: concept documents, specification, design guidelines, standards, investment documents, pitch decks, social media, website, etc

Your main tasks will be:

  • Interviewing experts
  • Performing independent research
  • Preparing documentation  
  • Writing articles and texts 
  • Writing standards 
  • Collaborating on reports
  • Working with graphic designers

Job requirements


For this mid-level role you need to have:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Technical/Communications Bachelor
  • Good interviewing skills
  • Good technical understanding
  • Ability to explain technical concepts in varying language levels, from simple to specialized


We are a strong team of highly driven and enthusiastic people from all over the world. People who get stuff done, people who can create, who have a passion for challenges and love to explore. Hardt seeks achievers; leaders and visionaries who want to join our team and make Hardt Hyperloop a global success story.


Hardt is a European technology company that specializes in hyperloop. We believe it is our duty to improve the lives of current and future generations by creating technologies that challenge time and distance and remove physical boundaries. We envision a world where you can go and be with everyone and everything you care about. A world where distance does not matter.

Hyperloop is the new mode of transportation for large volumes of passengers and cargo. The hyperloop network connects cities, countries, and even continents in short periods of time. Tubes with a low-pressure environment offer ideal conditions for low-energy travel and protect the vehicles from external influences. Just like a highway, vehicles join and exit the high-speed network at any point along the route and are seamlessly connected with other modalities. Direct trips are made possible without transfers or intermediate stops.

How do you see the future of travel? We offer you to be among the first to have a say. Here, if one of us has an idea and a way to prove it, you will have the grounds to do it. We continually challenge each other to think unrestrained. You will have the chance to make a real impact on society. Above all, you will also have the best fun with us at our beautiful office and test facility locations in Delft. Those who are part of the team claim they got more than they bargained for. Do you have what it takes to join?