Transport Sales Consultant

Job description

We are seeking a skilled and motivated transport professional to help us turn the dream of hyperloop into a reality. As part of our Business Development team, you will be responsible for acquiring clients and initiating route study projects to create a compelling case for investment in the development of the hyperloop network.

You will have the opportunity to establish trust in hyperloop as a new modality and generate early revenue through your efforts to build a route pipeline and execute paid studies. Your work will be critical in building the business case for investment into the network, and ultimately bringing the hyperloop to market.

Working closely with our Route Development team, comprised of top-tier transport experts, you will play a key role in shaping the future of transportation by contributing to the development of an interoperable global hyperloop network. This is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world and be a part of an exciting and innovative team.


  • Drive business development and sales efforts for paid route studies by clients
  • Proactively reach out to and negotiate with potential clients
  • Strategically identify potential routes and use-cases
  • Create persuasive presentations on potential routes for strategic stakeholders to drive investment into the hyperloop network.

Job requirements

To be successful in the role of Transport Sales Consultant you have:

  • Minimal 5 years of experience in consulting
  • Bachelor in Transport planning or similar
  • Affinity with all aspects surrounding transport infrastructure planning
  • Experience in acquiring clients and generating consulting revenue

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We are a strong team of highly driven and enthusiastic people from all over the world. People who get stuff done, people who can create, who have a passion for challenges and love to explore. Hardt seeks achievers; leaders and visionaries who want to join our team and make Hardt Hyperloop a global success story.


Hardt is Europe's hyperloop technology provider. We envision a world where you can go and be with everyone and everything you care about. A world where distance does not matter. Backed by an investment from the European Commission, Hardt is paving the way to certify hyperloop and realize the global hyperloop network. 

Hyperloop is the new mode of transportation for large volumes of passengers and cargo. In the hyperloop, vehicles travel autonomously through a network of low-pressure tubes. The hyperloop network connects cities, countries, and even continents in short periods of time.

Hardt is founding partner in the Hyperloop Development Program, a public-private partnership supported by the Dutch government with 25+ partners, including other hyperloop companies and research institutes. Hardt has demonstrated their full-scale hyperloop technology at low speeds and is now constructing the European Hyperloop Center, an open test and demonstration facility for hyperloop technology capable of demonstrating high-speed network operations, to help define an open interoperable hyperloop standard.

How do you see the future of travel? We offer you to be among the first to have a say. Here, if one of us has an idea and a way to prove it, you will have the grounds to do it. We continually challenge each other to think unrestrainedly. You will have the chance to make a real impact on society. Above all, you will also have the best fun with us at our beautiful office and test facility locations in Rotterdam. Those who are part of the team claim they got more than they bargained for. Do you have what it takes to join?